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The purpose of the intercessory prayer team is to stay in constant prayer before, during, and after a rescue and encounter. They pray for safety and for the hearts of all involved to be changed for the glory of God.


The purpose of the rescue team is to find, contact, and meet with any victims of sex trafficking. During the teams time with the victim they offer supplies, pray over, and minister to her/him. The team also encourages the victim to enter a safe house. As much of Project 639 centers around relationship building with the victim, a member or members of the rescue team will stay in contact with the victim post initial meeting. When the victim is ready to enter a safe house, the rescue team will then transport the victim and any children to the house.


The purpose of the supply team is to gather and collect donated supplies. The supply team (along with any other team) is welcome solicit donated supplies on behalf of Project 639. A list of donated supplies is found on the Women’s Bag Donation Items document. The supply team will track any donated supplies then give them to the administration team.


The purpose of the assembly team is to take all donated supplies and organize them into complete pink bags as well as rescue packs. They will give all completed packs and remaining supplies to the administration team.


The purpose of the administration team is to fundraise and solicit donated supplies. The team will inventory and track all bags, packs, and donated supplies. The administration team will coordinate with all team leaders and manage communication between the teams. The administration team is also responsible for working with safe houses and organizing housing arrangements once a victim has agreed to enter a house.


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