Our Approach

* Research

We believe that the problem cannot be fixed without knowing all of the problem. Research into the core issues of the sex trafficking industry reveals that it is larger, deeper, and darker than anyone has imagined. Only through the spiritual eyes of God are we able to see the core issue surrounding all involved.

* Hands-On Ministry

We will meet the physical, mental, emotional, and most importantly the spiritual needs of individuals affected by human trafficking. This is done through donations of physical materials, consistent communication, and face-to-face prayer.

* Salvation Of Souls

Project 6.3.9’s ultimate goal is for just one more soul to be saved through the merciful blood of Jesus. Only by this can any of those affected become restored and free from this slavery.

* Rescue Of The Wounded

Removal from the problem at hand is key to a redeemed life.  Project 6.3.9, through rescue operations, will transport those affected to a safer location where they can begin the healing path to a normal life.

* Redemption Of Life

A person walking in freedom can help redeem people walking in slavery. Our goal is to create a cycle of redemption and restoration. As one person is saved, rescued, and walking in freedom, our longing is to see that person become part of the solution to the problem and then in turn help those still in slavery.

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